Our Regional Staff

Each of these men and women work diligently to utilize their skills, knowledge, and talents to serve The Church of God in Florida & Georgia. Their faithful service enables the work of the Master to go forth throughout our states.

Regional Office Staff

Assembly Band Movement
Jordyn Roberts
Josephine Perry (Assistant)
Bible Training Institute
Courtney Roberts
Jeanette Alcott (Assistant)
Children’s Ministry
Melodie Steptoe
Church of Prophecy
Marker Association

Willie Radford
Brandon Allen (Assistant)
Ladies Retreat
Kathy Jeffcoat
Men’s Retreat
Music Director
Danny Steptoe
Outreach Literature
Jennifer Dowling
Evangelism Coordinator
Halton Jeffcoat
Paul Wright (Assistant)
Brandon Allen (Assistant)
Regional Treasurer
Melodie Steptoe
Regional Herald
Assistant Editor
Tony Conner
Sunday School
Keila Bañuelos
Victory Leaders Band
Jennifer Dowling
Victory Leaders Band Assistants
Esther Orellana
Women’s Missionary Band
Adela Lopez
Cathy Edwards (Assistant)
Youth Camp Directors
Joshua & Brittany Cox
Camp & Retreat Coordinator
Rena Rowell
 Couples Retreat
David & Jeanette Alcott


Field Secretaries

Regional Spanish
Luis Bañuelos
Maxwell Rollins

District Overseers

South Georgia
David Dowling
North Georgia
Philip Deitz
North Florida
David Alcott
South Florida
Joshua Cox

Pastoral Appointments

Florida Churches
Rosalino Lorenzo
Indian Town (Mission)
José Santana
Jeanette Alcott
Miami (English)
Ruby Mackey
Miami (Spanish)
José Santana
Joshua Cox
Palatka (English)
Brandon Allen
Palatka (Spanish)
Eligio Orellana
Syble Palmer
Spring Hill
Joshua Cox
Stuart (Mission)
Jose Santana
Josephine Perry
 Gainesville (Mission)
Cheryl Roberts
  Fort Lauderdale (Mission)
Randy Goin
Georgia Churches
Rena Rowell
Ed Matthews
John Barnes
Halton Jeffcoat
Steve Wilson
Joshua Farthing
John Cox
Monticello Ridge
David Dowling
Oak Park
Maxwell Rollins
Lawrence Muñoz
Trion (English)
Philip Deitz
 Trion (Spanish)
Luis Bañuelos
Tunnel Hill
A.L. Harris
Warner Robins
Michael Steptoe
Acworth (Spanish) Mission
Keila Bañuelos

Committee Assignments

Camping Committee
John Cox, Charlene Cox, Lawrence Muñoz, Angie Muñoz,
Joshua Farthing, Karen Farthing, Josh Cox, Brittany Cox, Chris Clarkson, Shanda Clarkson
Finance, Appropriations, & Planning Committee Chris Clarkson (Chairman)
Luis Bañuelos, David Alcott, Randy Goin, Edward Matthews, Danny Steptoe, Steve Wilson
Regional Property Investigative Committee Steve Wilson, John Cox, Maxwell Rollins, Michael Steptoe, David Dowling
Media & Public Relations Committee Michael Steptoe (Coordinator), Grayson Kent, Joshua Cox, Joshua Farthing, Karen Farthing, Luis Bañuelos, Jordyn Roberts