In His commission to the Church, Christ instructed His disciples to “…Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature…” (Mark 16:15). In order to accomplish this tremendous endeavor, God has provided numerous ministries by which the message of Christ and His Church can be carried into all of the world. While a unified vision drives each ministry, each division of saint labor serves a unique purpose and role within the Church.

Assembly Band Movement

The Assembly Band Movement (ABM) is an Auxiliary that was started that provides small groups to gather together and to keep in contact with each other to help one another spiritually.  Each local church has an appointed Band Leader for each group.  This is a help to pastors in large churches and it also helps the members to help one another.

Bible Training Institute

Bible Training Institute (BTI) is the educational department of The Church of God.  BTI offers correspondence courses which can be ordered through the Merchandise Department.  These courses are great for individual or group study and help to understand who is The Church of God, Her prominent teachings, and Her mission, and other courses which assist the saints to be all we can be for the Lord. Additionally, BTI offers a two week session on campus at The Church of God Headquarters in Cleveland, Tennessee.  This session is also taken to BTI schools around the world. The two week school includes three succeeding terms teaching classes on such subjects as Bible Doctrine, Church Doctrine, the Auxiliaries of the Church, Church Business, and Pastoral/Leadership.  After graduating from Term 3, a fourth term is available for further study in leadership and special ministries.

Church of Prophecy Marker Association

The Church of Prophecy Marker Association (CPMA) is the Auxiliary that raises money through offerings to place signs and markers to let people know where The Church of God is located and to also show the history of The Church of God.  Membership drives are held at each local church to help raise the money needed by having each member pay a certain dollar amount each year.  It is a goal of each local church to be 100% in CPMA membership.

Sunday School

Sunday School is an important part of every church.  We all can learn more about the Bible and about the great Church of God.  Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”  Many local churches offer classes for different age groups to benefit children and adults alike.  Each local church may start Sunday School at different times, so please contact the local churches for more information.

Victory Leaders Band

The Victory Leaders Band (VLB) is the Auxiliary that is made up of the youth of our church from the ages of 12 to 35.  Not only do they enjoy times of fellowship and fun, but they also search the scriptures and learn about the Church through Bible Study and classes.  The VLB’s are instrumental in raising offerings to assist in the printing for the Free Literature Department which prints the tracts about The Church of God.  Many events are held for the VLB’s which include summer Youth Camps and also Youth Retreats and Rally’s.  Contact your local church to get more information.

Women’s Missionary Band

The Women’s Missionary Band (WMB) is an Auxiliary of The Church of God that works hard to raise offerings to spread the message of the Church of God and the love of God to the whole world.  The WMB also have World Mission Drives in the months of March and October where many funds are raised.